Choosing the Builder

The decision to pick a builder was a tough one. We spoke to many and explained our quest… that we were attempting to build a house with as much American-made product as possible. Some were mildly interested. Some weren’t interested at all. But a few were totally into it. They loved the concept, and went the extra mile in doing an abundance of research. They loved thinking they could help create US jobs by doing something so simple.

We were told by several builders that they never really considered where products were made. Often they were using the heavily marketed brands, regardless of where they were manufactured. What surprised them the most was how minimal the overall cost differential could often be. In one case, a builder was amazed that the US product cost the same as the product made in China, but that he had always used the China product, not knowing. No more, he said.

When all was said and done, we chose JPC Construction, located in Belle Isle, FL. John Carr, the owner, has been a fan of construction since he was a kid. We loved John’s true love of building, his attention to detail, and his dedication to the American-made concept. John was on it from the beginning, asking questions we hadn’t yet considered. We look forward to the next six months with JPC and feel comfortable that all will go smoothly.

We also want to mention Jimmy Daniels of Kent Custom Homes in St. Cloud, FL, who put a lot of time and effort into bidding our project and was also a big fan of the American-made concept. Jimmy built a home for some friends of ours in St. Cloud and did a remarkable job on house, stables and hangar.


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