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Part of the early construction will involve building the stem wall, foundation, and block walls. In this step, steel rods (rebar) are tied together using wire ties and placed in the footer, header, and portions of the block wall. Once done, concrete is poured surrounding the rods and ties. This creates a system in which the entire foundation of the home is held together by steel reinforced concrete. Ok, most everyone probably knows that, but I wanted to provide a basic explanation so that the listing of the products below had some context.

Power Concrete Products, a Central Florida name since 1959, is the distributor for all the pieces described above. Jeff Illick, Power’s President, was extremely helpful in both selecting the product and providing the product information. He was happy to hear of our goal and applauded the American-made concept. A few of the products Jeff might normally use are foreign made, so Jeff shopped and located American made alternatives. Thanks, Jeff!

Products involved in this step are as follows:

Rebar – from Gerdau Ameristeel. Although owned by a Brazilian holding company, Gerdau is listed on the NYSE and has American factories. The rebar for our home is milled in the USA.

Plastic Rebar Chairs – from Dayton Superior, manufactured in California

Lintels and Window Sills – from Pro-crete Precast, Inc., manufactured in Wildwood, Florida

6” & 8” Bar Ties – from Wire Products, Inc., manufactured in US. Location depends on product. We will know the exact location when the order is placed.

6 mil polysheeting – from Grip-Rite, manufactured in several US locations

If you are in need of concrete supplies or any other contraction materials, Power Concrete Products has most everything you could possibly need. Give Jeff a call at (407) 293-8192.


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