When One Door Closes, Another Opens

I was interested in the Liftmaster jackshaft style garage door opener. It’s a design that mounts to the side of the garage door, avoiding having to mount the opener overhead. The only problem was that, when I contacted Liftmaster, I learned that their products are made in Mexico.

So, we moved on… to Genie, who has been producing garage door openers since 1954. They actually created the first screw drive opener (in 1958) and have been innovating ever since. We decided to go with the TriloG 1500, a 1hp unit with a lifetime warranty on the motor and screw drive.

Genie assembles products in Baltic, OH with parts procured from numerous locations, so yes, we realize that there are foreign products in the opener. But a US manufacturing facility employs American workers and pays a variety of taxes that benefit cities, states, and the Federal Government. This particular plant employs 150-250, depending on season, and we are happy to support them by purchasing this product.


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