In Guy We Truss

Concrete & block, check. Concrete supplies, check. Next, we need a roof, and that starts with trusses. For truss work, our builder was fond of using Trusswood, located in Titusville, FL. I recently reached out to them to ask a few questions.

I spoke with Guy Gelinas from Trusswood, who was able to provide me with a wealth of information. After talking with Guy and learning about the various components, I then contacted each of the companies below and confirmed the following information regarding the trusses:

ITW Building Components Group manufactures all connector plates, hangars and buckets. A variety of connector plates are used (I’m told nearly 100 different plates), so we didn’t get into the details of every individual connector plate, but I was told that all connector plates are made in the USA, most of which are made in Litchfield, IL. The buckets and hangars are made in both San Jose, CA and Litchfield, IL. Thanks to Sarah at ITW for both her patience and her assistance.

The strapping is distributed by Pango Sales. I spoke with Bob at Pango who confirmed that the product is manufactured by Samuel Strapping in Heath, OH.

The truss wood comes from Gillman Building Products (Yulee, FL). The wood is Southern pine, grown and milled in both Georgia and Florida.

The 1″ x 3/4″ galvanized 16 gauge staples are manufactured by Senco Brands, Inc. I spoke with Rob at Senco who confirmed the product is manufactured in Cincinatti, OH.

Thanks to all the above companies for American manufacturing. Keep up the great work!


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