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When it Pours, It Rains

What’s the best thing for a newly poured slab? Rain! And boy have we gotten rain. Moisture and cooler temperatures slow the curing process and make it stronger. Great, a stronger slab; just what we wanted! Our slab was poured … Continue reading

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Special Treatment

After the underground & rough-in plumbing were completed and the foundation was compacted, the next step was termite pre-treatment for the sub-floor. For this, we turned to Truly Nolen, recommended to us by JPC Construction for the thorough job they … Continue reading

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Pipe Down

Today, the folks from KLM Plumbing in Orlando installed the underground & rough-in plumbing for the Build the USA home. Since the home is two floors, the ground floor work was relatively quick, taking just a little more than half … Continue reading

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Steel in the Footer

Steel was installed in the footer today. To the left is a photo showing the products used, numbered to match the descriptions below (FYI, some are also mentioned in the previous article). 1. 6” & 8” Bar Ties – from … Continue reading

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Made in the USA Foundation Supplies

Today, American-made products for the foundation began being delivered. Power Concrete Products, previously mentioned on this blog, delivered the following to the construction site: Rebar – from Gerdau Ameristeel. Although owned by a Brazilian holding company, Gerdau is listed on … Continue reading

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