Made in the USA Foundation Supplies

Today, American-made products for the foundation began being delivered. Power Concrete Products, previously mentioned on this blog, delivered the following to the construction site:

Rebar – from Gerdau Ameristeel. Although owned by a Brazilian holding company, Gerdau is listed on the NYSE and has American factories. The rebar for our home is milled in the USA.

Plastic Rebar Chairs – from Dayton Superior, manufactured in California

6” & 8” Bar Ties – from Wire Products, Inc., manufactured in US. Location depends on product.

6 mil polysheeting – from Grip-Rite, manufactured in several US locations

2″ tape for polysheeting – Philmo Inc., manufactured in Kentucky

Many of the products used in the foundation of a home are often foreign sourced, but Jeff Illick from Power Concrete Products took the time to find Made in the USA equivalents. Thanks, Jeff.


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