Sticks and Stones

The framing for the house started yesterday. Trusses are typically built with yellow pine, but interior walls are most often built with spruce. But since most spruce is foreign sourced, we opted to go with yellow pine throughout. Besides the wood, the framing primarily involves straps, concrete anchors, nails, buckets, and tar paper.

Fact: most nails are not Made in the USA. Most are made in China and Taiwan. So, we did our research and chose Maze Nails. Maze, founded in 1848, is one of the very few remaining mills still manufacturing nails in the USA (Peru, Illinois). Customers can count on nails that are “made for the job” while preserving valued manufacturing jobs here at home. When the framers ran out of the Maze nails, we went with domestically made nails what were locally in stock: Magnum Pro, also made in America.

Simpson Strong Ties manufactures a massive line of products, most of which are Made in the USA. So, our buckets & straps, all Made in the USA, were all from Simpson. However, when the products were delivered to the site, a quick review showed that the Simpson concrete anchors were made in China. I went online and within a few minutes found a Made in America alternative: Tapcon. Problem easily solved. Always check the label, even when you are assured the product is American made.

One other item required for the framing work in roofing felt. This isn’t actually for the roof, but rather for the floor trusses. Building code states that non pressure treated lumber cannot sit directly on block. So, where every floor truss sits on the block wall, a piece of roofing felt must sit between the two. The roofing felt is manufactured in America by Warrior Roofing Mfg. .

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