Deck the Walls

While skillfully working around a busy season of thunderstorms, JS & Sons has been hard at work framing the Build The USA home. For the second floor, we chose AdvanTech® for the flooring and sheathing. AdvanTech® flooring is made using advanced resin technology and has exceptional nail holding power and strength. The floor panels install flat and stay flat providing an incredibly solid-feeling floor. It’s an amazing product with a warranty that is even more amazing: a transferrable 50-year limited warranty.

For the walls (see the green board in the picture to the left), we selected the AdvanTech® ZIP System. AdvanTech®’s panels and tape provide a durable barrier blocking the entry of water into the walls of the home. At some point, you’ve probably seen homes under construction wrapped with plastic to keep the wood panels from getting wet. With the ZIP System, you no longer have to worry about house wrap, or tears or wrap blowing off the home. Yet another benefit is energy efficiency. ZIP System wall sheathing seals the wall and prevents air leakage from degrading R-value, ultimately saving energy and money. The warranty on the ZIP System is also impressive: a best-in-class 30-year system warranty and 30-year panel warranty.

FYI, both the AdvanTech® flooring and ZIP System sheathing for our region are manufactured in Commerce, Georgia.


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