Cool It

Stand on the first floor and look up; this is what you currently see. This week started the installation of the A/C system in the Build The USA home. All Cool Refrigeration (Orlando, FL), adhering to the Made in America requirements, began installing the ducts, vents, returns, and more. Following are the products being used:

Flexible Duct – in the picture to the right the flexible duct of various diameters (depending on room size) is used to carry the cooled air from the air handler to each room. Atco Rubber products (TX) manufactures the flexible duct and has 13 manufacturing plants in the US.

Pipe Insulation – to insulate the various A/C lines in the home, INSUL-TUBE, manufactured by K-FLEX, is being used.

Mastic – Mastic saves energy by preventing heat gain or loss and provide permanent, air tight, flexible, and weather resistant installations on HVAC air ducts and insulation tubing. The mastic is Manufactured by RCD Corporation in Eustis, FL.

Insulation Board – Insulation board is used to create the A/C junction boxes as seen in the picture at the top of this article. The insulation board is manufactured by Knauf Insulation in the USA.

Aluminum Boxes, Returns & Vents – Miami Tech manufactures a variety of aluminum pieces used in the A/C venting system. They operate a 135,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Miami, Florida.

For bathroom exhaust fans throughout the home, the American-made choices were very limited. We researched and then selected Imperial. Although based in Canada, Imperial manufactures a variety of products, including our exhaust vents, in the USA.

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