Let Me Show you the Door (III)

The exterior doors recently arrived at the Build the USA home. The four exterior doors (front, rear garage, side garage, and back guest master) are manufactured by Plastpro, Inc. I assumed that doors would be just another ‘been there, done that’ experience for our GC, so I must say I was a bit surprised at the excitement he showed towards the doors we selected.

When we first arrived after the doors were roughed in, John, our GC, gave us the door tour. First came the front door. John started by calling the front door ‘fancy’. I’m a no frills guy, and the ‘fancy’ description really wasn’t doing much for me. I wanted facts, benefits, etc. And that’s soon what I got. John immediately began describing the durable fiberglass construction, the wood grain finish, and the strong core; oh yeah, and the fact that the doors will never rot, crack, or splinter. Then came the finale, when John showed us the triple locking door system. Ok, I’ve got to admit… I was impressed. Perhaps I’m more of a door fan than I thought.

Below are some pictures of the doors roughed-in. We’ll have more pictures once the finish work and painting is complete.

Plastpro believes in American manufacturing and operates a 200,000 square-foot plant in Ashtabula, Ohio. The plant is capable of producing 1 million finished doors per year when running at full capacity.

We also want to thank Millwork Sales in Orlando for all their work. Millwork Sales, a millwork and building products company, takes the door planks from Plastpro and prepares them for installation. This includes building the door frames and installing hinges, locks, and hardware. I’m a stickler for things being done right, and they definitely were. We couldn’t be more pleased with these doors.

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