High and Dry

Weeks ago, we selected Gold Key Roofing as the roofing contractor for the Build the USA home, handling both the roof and the 2nd floor balcony dry-in. I’ve watched enough cable home shows showing the destruction caused by water leaks, so I was particularly paranoid about the drying in of the balcony. I wanted to take every precaution to keep the balcony (and the trusses underneath) dry. We’ll be covering much more about the roofing soon, but for now we wanted to list the products used in the process of drying in the balcony.

The balcony underlament (Flintastic Nail Base) and the cap sheet (CertainTeed Flintastic Torch White Granular) is manufactured by Certainteed in the USA.

The metal flashing on the outside bottom edge of the balcony is ColorClad, made by Peterson metals in PA.

The 30 lb felt is used as an underlayment to be applied over the deck prior to the installation of torchdown. The felt is manufactured by Tamko in Missouri.

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