Think Inside the Box

A funny thing happened on the way home from Lowe’s. After checking the box for ‘Made in the USA’, I purchased a surge protector outlet (from Legrand) to install in the Legrand wiring panel. I then passed this onto our GC to give to our electrical contractor. The next day, I was told a few things that surprised me. First, the unit did not meet code for new construction. The surge protector was missing the tamper-proof feature. But more surprising was what was in the box.

The primary component inside the box was the surge protector itself, manufactured by Pass & Seymour in Mexico. Strange, the box packaging said the product was Made in the USA, but the key component was Made in Mexico. Hmmm… misleading to say the least.

The second component in the box was the electrical box, presumably the next highest cost piece included. Stamped in the metal on the box… ‘Made in Canada’. Again. Misleading.

The last product in the box was clearly the cheapest of the three, a plastic outlet plate that was… finally… Made in America.

So, whether this was intended to mislead, or simply a packaging error, the packaging indeed leads the consumer to believe that the product was Made in the USA.

Needless to say, we returned this item and went with another option, but out of curiosity, I have reached out to Legrand for an explanation regarding the packaging. I’ll post an update if I hear back from them.

UPDATE – 10 SEP 2012 – Never heard a response from Legrand.
UPDATE – 26 SEP 2012 – Never heard a response from Legrand.

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