The lathing on the Build the USA home started today, preparing the home for stucco. This primarily is for the 2nd floor but also applies to the front entranceway, around windows and doors, as well as a few other areas on both floors.

The lathing serves two purposes. The first is to provide a felt moisture barrier for the walls. The second is to provide a wire mesh for the stucco to ‘stick’ to.

The lathing is manufactured by Chase Metals (Umatilla, FL).
The vinyl bead is manufactured by Amico Building Products

Unfortunately, the lathe staples are foreign sourced. We were told originally that the staples were indeed American-made but when they were to be picked of from the building supplier, we learned otherwise. A search was then underway for an American-made equivalent, but we had no luck finding such. The show must go on, but this component (a very small percent of the total lathing cost) would be foreign sourced.

If anyone reading this knows an American-made source for lathe staples, please use the contact page on this website to send us a note.

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