One Man’s Ceiling…

Late last week, Darren McCaffery Stucco started work on the exterior ceilings. Tongue & groove ceilings were the original choice, but after a bit of pondering (and hearing from our soon-to-be neighbors about the chore of keeping the outside of the home clear of bugs), we decided to go with ceilings that were smoother, more durable, and easier to maintain. For this we chose a combination of fiberglass sheathing, polymer base coat, and acrylic polymer finish.

The fiberglass sheathing, called DensGlass, is manufactured by Georgia Pacific. DensGlass, more commonly used in commercial construction, is and inherently mold-resistant and moisture-resistant construction material. This makes it ideal for a patio in Florida. The DensGlass is distributed by RS Elliott Specialty Supply, which has several facilities throughout Florida.

The polymer base coat and acrylic polymer finish are both manufactured by Master Wall, Inc. The polymer base coat adheres to the DensGlass and provides a suitable material for the acrylic polymer finish. Many thanks to Darren McCaffery, our stucco contractor who reached out to Master Wall to confirm this was an American-made product. Master Wall confirmed, saying they are indeed manufactured in the US and that they are one of the last companies to do so.

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