Time for Stucco

The stucco work has begun on the Build the USA home. This phase of building involves lath, fasteners, sand, and stucco mix, all of which are distributed by RS Elliott Speciality Supply, founded by Randy Elliott. The lath and fasteners were written about in a previous article, so we will focus on the stucco in this posting. Building with American made products takes an extra bit of work, as all items need to be researched and confirmed. A special thanks to RS Elliott Sales Manager, Gene Van Glahn for going the extra mile in helping us select high quality, American made stucco materials.

The stucco mix is manufactured by American Cement Company. AmStar Stucco Cement is made of high quality portland cement, plasticizers, workability agents, and air-entraining additives. It can be applied to any interior or exterior flat or curved surface that is dimensionally stable. The stucco cement glides on easily, instantly clings to itself and makes it easy to define texture and create a beautiful, weather resistant finish.

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