Watching paint dry actually IS exciting

The Build The USA house painting started late last week. We’ve chosen G.A.C. Remodeling and Painting (highly recommended by our GC) as our painting subcontractor. G.A.C. will be using PPG PORTER PAINTS® (also highly recommended) for all the paint on both the exterior and interior.

For the exterior walls of the home, we chose Super Premium Acri-Shield Exterior Acrylic; color ‘Rain Barrel’ (see color choice in picture above). Acri-Shield is a 100% acrylic paint with superior adhesion and exceptional application properties. We spoke with PPG PORTER PAINTS® Noah Lohr, who confirmed that all Porter products we are using are made in the USA, in a variety of locations including East Point – GA, Dover – DE, Batavia – IL, Houston – TX, Louisville – KY and Reno – NV.

The products we are using on the exterior of the home are:
ACRI-SHIELD® Acrylic Bonding Primer (primer for trim)
ACRI-SHIELD® Satin Exterior Acrylic Paint (exterior walls)
ACRI-SHIELD® Semi-Gloss Exterior Acrylic Paint (stucco bands and trim)

Thank you Noah for all of the information, and thank you PPG PORTER PAINTS® for American manufacturing. We’ll have more information on Porter when the interior of the Build the USA home is painted.

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