Set in Stone

When coming up with ideas for the Build The USA home, our designer (Chris Gooden) insisted on decorative stone on the front of the house. Ok, he didn’t really insist. He drew it because he thought we’d like it. We did like it. And now, it has become reality. The stone work was completed today and it looks great.

When creating a stone entrance, there are several options: natural stone and manufactured stone. After seeing the manufactured stone (we were amazed at how real it looked) and reading about the benefits, we chose Veneerstone, who has more than 30 years of producing concrete building materials. Some of the benefits of manufactured stone are:

• Less expensive to purchase
* More cost effective to install
• Wide selection of colors
• Up to 75% lighter than natural stone

The stone work was done by Darren McCaffery Stucco and I’d like to thank Conley Minott for the exceptional work he did on the project. Conley’s attention to detail helped create an entrance we will enjoy walking through for years.

Special thanks also to RS Elliott Speciality Supply for their help. They arranged for the manufacture of numerous samples. And thanks to Veneerstone for making those samples and for creating a beautiful product… and for American manufacturing; the stone is manufactured in North Carolina!

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