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mansfield_summitIn the early stages of this project, we chose American Standard for our toilets and bathroom sinks. However, as the project progressed and as further research was done, we learned that most of American Standard’s products are manufactured outside of the US. So, we dug further, sticking with our goal of supporting American manufacturing. We then found a company called Mansfield. Mansfield manufactures top quality, high design, performance plumbing fixtures and fittings. The good news is they manufacture a large number of these products in the USA, specifically Perrysville, Ohio; Big Prairie, Ohio; and Henderson, Texas.

Mansfield dedicates a portion of their website to their ‘Made in the USA’ products. That can be found here.

FYI… we chose Mansfield for our toilets and pedestal sink. They were installed over the past few days and look great! Thank you Mansfield for 500 American jobs at your US plants.

Thanks also to KLM Plumbing for all their efforts. They went above and beyond doing research on their end to ensure products used were American made. The install looks great and we can’t thank them enough for the great job that they did.

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